Ledge Ends Learning Center
Educational Programs 2010

Once again the Ledge Ends Learning Center will be hosting educational series, workshops and demonstrations open to the public. Through out the spring, summer and fall, there will be programs offered on a variety of topics ranging from organic agriculture to a cooking series. Through our program we will afford members of the public the opportunity to spend meaningful time at the Briggs- Boesch Farm located at 830 South Road in East Greenwich. A portion of the educational proceeds will go towards meeting the objectives of the Ledge Ends Learning Center; providing fresh organic vegetable to low income families and providing education outreach and opportunities to the community. Pre-registration is required. For additional information or to sign up for any program please email Danielle at LedgeEndsLearning@gmail.com


General Educational Workshops

Introduction to Organic Farming and Gardening– Sunday, June 13th, 11:00 am

Tour the farm with Erik Eacker, the farmer of Ledge Ends Produce, and learn how
the farm incorporates composting, pest control, crop rotation, cover cropping and
weed control into his organic operation. Learn how to have a more “organic” garden
at home! Fee: $10, Adults and Children

Bee Keeping Demonstration– Sunday, July 11th, 11:00 am

A Rhode Island bee keeper with hives on the farm will discuss the craft of bee keeping
and the beneficial nature of bees and their added value products.
Herbal Salves and Teas-Tuesday, August 10th, 6:00 pm
Participants will tour the herb garden; learn how to grow and dry herbs; learn how to
prepare herbal salves, teas, and other products; take home samples of your creations.
Fee: $10, Adults and Children

Sustainable Landscaping –To Be Announced

Plan a beautiful, edible and functional outdoor landscape. Learn about annuals, perennials,
native plants and edible plant varieties. Create a realistic and attractive landscape
design which suits both your home and personal tastes. Fee: $5
Tree Identification– Saturday, September 18th, 12:00 noon
Come join Steven D’Ambrosia a returning tree enthusiast and learn how to use an
identification key to classify the different trees on the farm. Several unique tree varieties
found on the farm will be noted. Fee: $10

Season Extension and Cold Frame Workshop– Saturday, November 6th, 12:00

Participating in this workshop you will gain a understanding of materials and resources
available for you to extend your personal growing season. Work shop includes building
a demonstration cold frame with recycled material. Fee: $10


Family Programs at Briggs-Boesch Farm

Raised bed Gardening Workshop– Sunday, May 23rd, 11:00 am

Raised beds are an excellent option for people with limited space, poor soils or bodily
ailments. Bring your family and join us while we discuss reason for building raised
beds, building materials, choosing the proper plants and maintenance. Also in this
hands-on workshop you will create a raised bed. Fee: $10, Adults, $6, Children

Composting at Home– Sunday, May 30th, 11am

Composting is a great way to lessen your impact on the environment. This workshop
is intended for beginning backyard composters and will cover the importance of composting, sustainable containers, and compost ingredients. Fee: $10, Adults, $6 Children

Garden Insect and Identification and Management– Thursday, June 10th,

In this workshop, families will tour the vegetable fields at the farm and learn
to identify helpful and harmful garden insects. After identification, we will discuss organic
ways to control pest damage and enhance beneficial in your garden.

Historical Farm Tour– Saturday, July 10th, 11:00 am

Spend the early afternoon exploring the agricultural and historical heritage of the
Briggs-Boesch Farm. Take a tour of the farm landscape and explore the historic infrastructure
that still aids in the daily function of this 300 year old farm.

Farm Tours– To Be Announced

Join us in touring the 14 acres of productive organic land at Ledge Ends Produce.


Cooking Series

Growing and Using Culinary Herbs-Tuesday, July 6th, 5:30pm

Learn how to grow herbs and use them at home to spice up your cooking. Participants will
tour the herb garden; learn how to grow and dry herbs; learn how to prepare herb pesto's,
vinegars, butters, teas and dips. Sample all of the above and take home a potted plant! Fee: $10, Adults and Children

Friday Night Adult Cooking Demonstration with a Chef-Friday, August 6th, 5:30pm

Join a professional chef and enjoy a unique series of cooking demonstrations which
will help people utilize the awesome variety of fruits and vegetables available from local
farms. If weather permits, demonstrations will take place outdoors. Enjoyable and educational, you’ll leave this demonstration with a full belly and some recipes to bring home. Fee: $20

Family Cooking Classes with a Chef– Sunday, August 8th, 11am

This class is designed to nurture the adult and child partnership in the kitchen, and help
families make healthy choices and create delicious dishes kids will love with vegetables
from Ledge Ends Produce. Families will make great dishes and leave with new recipes and
a new outlook on healthy eating. Fee: $25, 1 Adult and 1 Child, $10 per additional person

Sensational Salsas– Saturday, August 28th, 10am-noon

Enjoy a morning full of salsa! We’ll be sharing ideas and recipes and using local, seasonal
produce to make the most delicious salsas; Sweet Onion & Cucumber Salsa; Tomato; Citrus
Fennel; Peach. Fee: $5, Adult and Children

Canning and Preserving the Bounty– Sunday, September 5th, 10am 1pm

So much each week, not enough time to consume? Perfect-we’ll make a few recipes that
will help you preserve the bounty of Ledge Ends long beyond the growing season! Canning
lesson; oven dried tomatoes; Poached and Roasted Garlic; Cooked Salsa; Dilly Beans.
Fee: $20 per class

Glory of Garlic– Sunday, September 19th, 10am– noon

This informational session will include varieties of garlic, how to tell if garlic is fresh, tasting and preparation of a variety of dishes and utilizing garlic in different ways. Lemon Caper Dressing; Roasted Garlic Pesto; Tomato and Bread Salad; Sautéed Garlic Green Beans. Fee: $5

Yoga Series

Evening Yoga Classes on the Farm– Dates To Be Announced, June, July & August

Come join our wonderful yoga instructor for a relaxing, meditative evening of yoga,
amongst fields of herbs, flowers and vegetables. Experience a unique part of nature. Fee:
$14, Adults, $10, Children

Green Living Series

Bio-Fuels Workshop– Tuesday, June 29th, 7pm

Have you ever wondered what bio-fuels are? Join Nat and the local Newport Bio-Diesel as
he explains what they are, how they’re made and why they’re better for the environment
than traditional fuels. $10 recommended donation

Alternative Energy for the RI Homeowner– Tuesday, June 1st, 7:00pm

Come and enjoy a presentation by Ben Swanson a local alternative energy specialist as he
outlines intervened to use creative energy sources and what’s available. Ask questions, get
advice, and walk away with the information you need to make changes in your lifestyle.
$10 recommended donation



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