2010 CSA Membership Guidelines

Please read the guidelines below to understand your part in how we keep our farm running smoothly.

CSA Share Price
A full season share is $600 with full payment expected by your first CSA pick-up. Please fill out the CSA application and mail to Ledge Ends with your deposit of $100.00 to reserve your share for upcoming season

Our weekly newsletter is the way we communicate with CSA members about everything going on at the farm: special news, changes in distribution and upcoming events. Please, please, please read it!

Sharing Shares
Ledge Ends offers one share size so that we can focus on growing vegetables and keep the distribution process as simple as possible. Feel free to share your share outside the pick up area as our pick-up sites become very busy and we don’t want to stop traffic with the splitting and rebagging process. Please determine one contact person per share who will receive mailings and be the name on the pick-up sheet.

CSA Pick–up Hours
Share pick-up starts at 3:00pm, so don’t come early as we won’t be ready for you! Please do come before we close at 7:00pm. If you really are unable to get here before then call 401-884-5118 and we will bag your share and leave it in the cooler for pick up within two days.  If you do this more than twice in a season you may forfeit your first born grandchild to the farm.

Where to find the cooler
Walk across the field from the public parking area to the barn and come in through the sliding door that faces the greenhouse. Just inside you will find the walk-in cooler where your produce will be in a marked bag/box with your name on it. Items that should not be refrigerated will be just outside the cooler. Be sure to close the cooler door behind you!

Sign In Sheet
Please check off your name on the sign in sheet when you pick up your share: one sign in sheet for veggies and another for fruit. If you have a friend pick up for you be sure they know which name to check off.

Should we bring bags?
Yes. Please bring reusable bags and containers to the pickup as we no longer offer plastic grocery bags for environmental reasons. Reusable bags are available for purchase. Please return any reusable containers such as pint containers for berries.

How much should we take?
Each item is marked with the maximum you may take: if it’s too much for your needs take what you can use and/or leave the remainder in the
Exchange Bin.  We want you to have choices in your share, and have you try new foods, but if there are things you just can’t think about eating (ugh, beets, how could you?) leave that part of your share in the exchange bin and take out something that you prefer.

If you miss a pick-up
Please make other arrangements in advance if you know you cannot make a pick-up. Knowing that traffic and emergency situations do happen we are willing to bag your produce if you call us before the end of the pick-up day. However, if you make repeated requests for special bag-outs please refer to last sentence in CSA pick up hours above.

Buying in Bulk
If you want extra produce for canning or freezing, you can pre-order bulk produce through us and pick it up at the CSA pick-up when harvest size permits. Wholesale prices will be charged.


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