Farmer History

The farmers of Ledge Ends Produce came to the Briggs-Boesch Farm in 2004 with a strong background in organic agriculture, ecology, and education.

When Erik Eacker graduated from high school, it was his dream to be farmer, and to farm with ecology in mind. When his parents bought a 170-acre farm in Northern New York in 1996, Erik had the opportunity to make his dream a reality. Although he had little previous experience, he operated Son E’Acres Farm from 1996 to 2003 on that family-owned land, learning the techniques of organic farming and successfully completing the organic certification process for 7 straight years. Erik introduced many folks in this remote area of the state to “organic” food and developed a successful vegetable business over the years. Products from the farm were wholesaled to supermarkets around the state, sold at farmers markets and to co-ops, and were also marketed through a community supported agriculture program.

In 2004, Erik relocated to East Greenwich, Rhode Island to farm the beautiful Briggs Boesch Farm. Erik is the general manager of Ledge Ends Produce, which has grown in just a few years to be one of the largest community supported agriculture farms in the state. Erik has become an active member of the state's agricultural community, serving as a member of the Organic Advisory Committee and president of the Coastal Growers Market, one of the state's most successful farmers markets.