Frequently Asked Questions


Is the farm’s produce organic?
Ledge Ends Produce has been certified organic by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management since 2006. We are committed to organic methods of agriculture and love to answer any questions you have about our farming practices.

How much food is in a share?
Usually there are 9-14 items in a share each week: more than enough for a vegetarian couple or a family of four eating a diet that includes meat. The weight and volume of your share will change with the seasons and the types of vegetables available. In the spring, expect many greens, light but big in volume and in summer and fall many heavy items that will sometimes fill three shopping bags.

Can I buy a half-share?
Our focus is on growing wonderful produce so we don’t want to spend any time dividing up shares. You may share your share if you do it outside the pick up line and have your share partner read the farm guidelines.

What if I can’t make it to pick up my vegetables one week?
If you are running late or will be out of town please arrange for someone to pick up your share. If you absolutely can’t get to the farm on time you can call ahead (insert #) and we will bag your share for pick up at a later time.  If you don’t made other arrangements your share will be donated. See CSA Rules page for more information.

Are there animals at your farm?
Yes!  There are 100 certified organic laying hens.  Red star, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Aruacana.

Will there be fruit in our share?
Your vegetable share will include fruits such as watermelons, cantaloupes, strawberries and raspberries. You can also buy a fruit share of apples and peaches locally grown by Barden Family Orchard (insert link)

How do you determine the price of a CSA share?
All of the costs of running the farm are divided by the number of members we think we can feed each season, which is calculated from the crop plan and anticipated harvest.  If you divide the price of your share by the number of weeks in our season you find you will be paying around $30 a week for the freshest, local, organic  produce available.  During harvest season you can expect a portion of tomatoes that might cost $20 at a store in addition to other fruits and vegetables.  During August and September weeks we estimate the store bought cost of a share to be about $50.


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