What is a CSA and how does it work?

Now Growing and Delivering Fresh, Friendly Food from the Farm to your Front Door!

CSA Share
Members will no longer have to pick up their weekly food share. It will be
delivered directly to your door at no additional cost. Weekly deliveries will
be made in a bio-diesel fueled vehicle. This will greatly reduce the carbon
footprint of the program. Instead of all members all getting in their vehicles
to pick up their food each week only one farm vehicle will be on the road
using a lower impact fuel. Membership will include a weekly newsletter
including recipes and updates on the farm. The farm will host events for the
membership including educational workshops and optional volunteer
projects. Membership is $600 for 20 weeks of produce. Renewing members
can sign up for a discounted fee of $550.

Additional Products Ordered Weekly
Members will have access to a new farm website to order additional
amounts of our Certified Organic products as well as access to other local
farm products. Orders will be delivered to your home with your weekly
CSA share. This will help members save time and money. All items offered
for weekly ordering will be local, environmentally friendly, and of the
highest quality.

Compost Option
Members can choose to participate in a new program of in-home compost
pickup. This will support the farms fertility needs and help reduce the
amount of food waste going to the landfill. Clean receptacle buckets will be
dropped off for collection of food waste and picked up weekly when your
CSA share is delivered. Each week a clean bucket will be dropped off for
your use. There is a small seasonal fee in participating to offset the cost of
handling and bucket washing. Ledge Ends Produce will supply a
complimentary bag of finished compost to use in your own gardens.


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